A People Who Care Production is a media source created by our team. Both in Ventura America, Barcelona Spain and Dublin Ireland. Our backgrounds vary from Cameramen to Music Producers. The American Team have a great background in Music video release to small commercial ads.

The Irish Team have a background in Sport’s video and Local Event Management. We also have accredited Cameramen and T.V Editor’s. The Sound Crew specialize in Music video and Media Interview.

Spain provides location and Media Press.

We are currently working on our FIRST independent film. This has been a while in the making. It is a modern day Medical Marijuana documentary aimed at the need for Self Sufficiency and an End to Prohibition through Regulation and Control.

The Team have been reaching out to different groups in order to make clear and precise judgements on how we may legalize this safely and correctly.

Official 2017 Misunderstood Medicine Trailer

Misunderstood Medicine Trailer 2017 from People Who Care on Vimeo.